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Scientific strategy 360

360 strategy is a comprehensive philosophy of customer service in any of the facets. In itself, it does not lead to innovation. Azierta understand as an innovation is the management of relations with our clients with a 360 vision in the environment of Science and Health, applied to Business. This is called  360 Science to Business strategy. The figure 360 accompanied by the word strategy, moves us to an offer that addresses all possible angles to achieve the client's objective.

Our client's objective is to present and market their product, so that it reaches the citizen and/or patient adequately. Whether it is a medicine, a health product, a biological product, a biocide, a food supplement or a cosmetic, they all have three processes in common

  • The technical-scientific process/circle before, during and after the launch.
  • The manufacturing process/circle once the product is on the market.
  • The process/circle that gives scientific added value, within the reference market after the launch.

Technical-scientific process/circle

It starts even before the decision has been made to launch it on the market, but it accompanies the entire life of the product in question. The drug, for example, has a very long development process of between 10-12 years, with a millionaire investment and a very complex and widely regulated methodological path. The rest of the products have similar assumptions in all their phases.

Basically in this cycle Azierta offers 360 Science to Business strategy with high quality standards in: Research, Development and innovation; the regulatory strategy itself, security and surveillance; and finally the quality of the processes.

Manufacturing process/circle

It starts when the product is registered and marketed, it has many aspects to cover all of them based on the quality of the manufacturing itself, which in the pharmaceutical industry is known as GMP ("good manufacturing practice"), GDP ("good distribution practice") or GxP ("good x practice"). There are also specific processes in the manufacture of the medicine such as toxicological processes of impurities etc, which must be dealt with in a very procedural way. 

In addition to this, there are continuous regulatory and legislative changes that occur at different levels every day and for which it is necessary to be prepared.

Post-marketing process/circle

We give added value to medical, scientific and market access by applying new technologies, new ways of doing scientific communication and making use of all our knowledge in Scientific Affairs.

Azierta put at the service of our client a 360 Science to Business strategy, which coming from the global vision, offers solutions to the concrete problems of the client with detail, integrity and globality, using the analysis and the scientific method.

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