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Pathologies analysis in internet

From Azierta, we understand the obligation to be aware of what the Society requires and to promote, with our support, the educational development in Health of both professionals and patients.

What allows us to perform OH (Online Health Observatory)?

An exhaustive analysis of all the existing information on the Internet about a pathology, in order to respond to the demands of Society.

A retrospective observational study capable of identifying, cleaning up all the "noise" and qualifying all the information generated on the Internet in one year.

OHO: "Beyond Market Research & Active Listening"

OHO shows us a real analysis of the “current situation” and the “feeling” of the pathology, and projects us towards a “future situation” of it; allowing us to establish “action targets” and the channels in which to interact.

O.H.O. facilitates

Understanding the needs of the different actors

  • What are your Information and Action Drivers, the needs that must be met and the main problems associated with the disease, its Diagnosis and its Treatment.
  • Know what type of message, information or type of help motivates them, what or who their referents are (eg Family, Specialist).

Understand the Market

  • Understand the Behavior of the Pathology in the Patient and its relationship with the Healthcare Professional: what is the Manifestation and Diagnosis Process, how is your Day to Day and what Language and Media do you use.
  • Analyze the Terms in which any initiative associated with Pathology to the Potential Targets should be communicated, as well as the Arguments and the Type of Actions Needed.

Discover Where Referents Are

  • What are the Sites and Environments 2.0 of Reference, Recommendation and Decision of the Pathology by Target Audience (Professional and / or Patient) and by Type of Strategy to Develop (Push / Pull).

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