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Digital Science & Growth

  • At Azierta we belief that Digital Transformation is a leading business strategy to drive profitable growth of organizations by leveraging differentiation, productivity and access to market and customers. 
  • Transforming the way a company operates on requires on a vision of the future to serve customers requires new mindset, skillset and toolset -a winning organizational evolution that AZIERTA catalyses and accompanies.
  • Digital Science & Growth (DS&G) is the Digital Office in AZIERTA dedicated to provide executive consultation to customers for winning go-to-customer approaches and next-generation operating models with digital embedded.
  • We envision a transformational wave of business ecosystems driven by hyper-connectivity, new generations of customers and new rules of engagement affecting most industries and certainly life science companies. DS&G uniquely links digital developments and health science responding to evolving market demands in transforming business ecosystems to sustain business growth and results. The proposition of DS&G brings value to companies in any industry where health considerations pop-up in the equation of their business model.

¿What we do?

We partner with our clients to reimagine, design and transform their Go-to-Market Model by digitalizing both the Operating Model and the Go-to-Customer approach. As a result of this redesign, both efficiencies and differentiation in the organization’s value chain or new ecosystem model are reconfigured to deliver growth and added value. New Ways of Working are put in motion merging teams to secure knowledge transfer and a continuum of innovation embedding new mindset, skills and tools.

DS&G digital transformation solutions

DS&G offers  several service archetypes to cater to ad-hoc or evolving customers’ needs.

Interim Chief Digital Officer

Implant Digital Office as designer and agile accelerator of the digital transformation of the Go-to-Market Model

  • Boosting Business Performance, Growth & Profitability 

Digital Transformation Office

Embedding digital expertise in selected functions for transforming business goals or processes. Assess availability of resources for digital transformation.

  • Marketing.
  • Sales. 
  • Market Access. 
  • Scientific Affairs.  

Digital Acceleration Office

Process-related methodologies and solutions along the customer journey to foster engagement and conversion.

  • Content Factory 
  • Digital Sales Force Decision 
  • Insights development 
  • Agile Marketing / Ways of works 
  • Digital Proficency Agile

Digital Capabilities

Diagnose capabilities gap, propose areas of innovation, and develop capabilities needed blending science and digital for disproportionate growth. Universal turnkey capabilities are made available and those unique for business ecosystems are assembled from the portfolio.

  • e.Educational Services.
  • Digital Promotion eCongress/eSymposium. 
  • e.Interactive - Detailing Services.
  • Digital Event Management.
  • Data& Analytics.

Leading innovation in pharma & health

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500 clients

Over 500 clients

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9 years of experience


Leading innovation

Client oriented

100% client oriented

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