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Development Update Safety Report

According to ICH guideline E2F (Step 5) on Development Safety Update Reports (DSURs) already implemented since 2011, companies must submit DSURs on a yearly basis for medicinal products involved in clinical trials. The focus of the DSUR is on data and findings from clinical trials of drugs and biologicals, whether they are authorized or not.

DSURs are internationally-harmonized, safety documents covering the safety summary of medicinal products during their development or clinical trial phase.

They are based heavily on the PSUR format already used for updating the safety record of drugs in their marketing phase.

A DSUR should be prepared after the first authorization of a clinical trial worldwide. A copy of the DSUR should be submitted to each concerned European Member State (MS) if a clinical trial is authorized in this MS for this investigational drug (still using the DIBD). Therefore, the first DSUR can be submitted to a concerned MS earlier than 1 year, but the covered reporting period should not be longer than 1 year.

The DSUR presents an annual review & evaluation of safety information:

  • Information reported during the current review period and analysis based on previous knowledge of the products’ safety
  • Description of new issues that may impact the overall program or specific clinical trials.
  • Summarization of current understanding and management of known and potential safety risks to exposed patients.
  • Provide an update on the status of the clinical development program.

In Azierta, scientific and healthcare consulting, we are experts in Pharmacovigilance and we have a team of highly qualified drug safety experts who support our clients to manage pharmacovigilance in an optimal way. Our work covers all areas of pharmacovigilance, both at the level of medicines, as well as medical devices and cosmetic products.

If you are interested in the contents of the good practices of pharmacovigilance (GVPs), as well as in other products related to pharmacovigilance visit our safety reports website for more details and feel free to contact us, we will be pleased to help you.


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